We help brands exceed their goals by integrating content marketing with live interaction through professional conferences.

Our conferences bring specialist communities together face-to-face. The live interaction builds their understanding of hot phenomena, and provides a key platform for brand positioning.


Live seminars are key to nurturing professional ecosystems. And just like a good party, a memorable professional event builds on its participants’ sense of engagement.

Every year our existing professional seminars gather over 2.000 delegates. Carefully carved hot topics, insightful speakers and well-calibrated moderation will form the basis. But then, on top, we will never neglect the elements of surprise and delight at the site. That is how we build the full experience – the feeling of being part of a community that moves forward.

Being able to engage at the event, not just digest it, will help delegates come back to work strengthened, with both knowledge and inspiration.

For sponsors of any size, in-person events are rated as one of the most effective content marketing activities at hand. Whichever phase your company is in, we can work with you to make sure that your insights leverage into unique contributions to your audience. 


Don’t miss the amazing opportunity of live events, to boost your brand’s industry presence and set it apart.

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